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The Donald J. Trump Presidential Election’s Impact On Investment Real Estate

Even if you are over all the election hogwash like I am, there is still a piece of the puzzle to start understanding: money and taxes.

There are a couple key areas to keep your eye on. One is, of course, the general overall health of the economy and therefore the real estate market. Just remember that economic and real estate conditions can be different locally compared to nationally. That can be good or bad depending on what is going on locally for you. You can dig into some reading on opinions of the Trump effects here if you want to dive in further.

The other key area is taxes! For the scope and purpose of this blog, I am not going to go over Trump tax policy. However, I have educated myself on them, and you should too! The reason? You will know what strategies to talk with your CPA regarding your personal situation instead of looking like a deer in the headlights. It may be a little early in the game to project exact tax changes, but it’s never too early to get an idea what might be coming down the pipe. With that said, this week I am going to leave you with some links that will at least give you cocktail-party knowledge or much more if you want.

President Trump: What Does It Mean for your Tax Bill?

Donald Trump’s tax plan, taken from his website.

Analysis of Donald Trump’s tax plan.

As always, keep in mind that our ultimate goal is to achieve freedom through cash flow.