How to minimize taxes and maximize profits when selling investment property

Are you done with the hassles of being a landlord but still need the cash flow from your rental real-estate?
Maybe you would like to sell but don’t like the idea of a big tax hit? We have a selling solution for you!
Welcome to where you can

-Eliminate Landlord responsibility, liability and create an asset for your legacy!
-Protect your equity from government taxes, banks and pay $0 in real-estate commission!
-Get cash now while securing monthly cash flow for the long term!

The EasyApartmentSell brand buys apartment buildings and real-estate portfolios with customized solutions for the seller. This means you can use your real-estate as a long term wealth planning tool without the hassles of ownership.

The speaker will be Tyler Vinson, founder of Tyler is a nationally recognized educator who specializes in multi-family real-estate. He will cover:
• Depreciation recapture – Capital gain’s ugly step sister
• How to minimize you tax obligation when selling your real-estate
• Maximize the profit you make when selling
• Seller contracts
• 1031 tax deferred exchanges
• Freedom through cash flow

This event is taking place on April 19th from: 12:15 – 1:00pm.  Lunch is provided!